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Roy Hodgson Design is committed to improving the quality of our built environment by raising standards in architectural design. Established in 1990 by Roy Hodgson, Roy Hodgson Design is a proven, client focused building design firm, providing professional building design solutions and documentation. By combining our practical experience in building design and our knowledge of building construction, with our client’s brief we are able to maximise the potential of any project site. Projects are designed to be environmentally efficient and cost effective. We pride ourselves on the personalised service we give to our clients and on our attention to detail throughout all stages of the project.

The Director of Roy Hodgson Design, Roy Hodgson, is a Registered Building Practitioner with the Victorian Building Practitioners Board, under the category of Draftsperson, Class of Building Design (Architectural). Rather than being a registered architect, Roy is accredited with a Certificate of Technology in Architectural Drafting from RMIT and is a Fellow of the Building Designers Association of Victoria. Having served in a number of positions on the Executive Committee of Management, Roy served as President of the BDAV from 2004-2006.

Roy leads a team of young, enthusiastic draftspersons who are client focused and driven to complete projects to the highest possible standard. This professionalism has enabled us to build a rapport with consultants, councils and clients alike. Testimony to this reputation are the clients who return to Roy Hodgson Design time and time again.

With extensive experience in the residential home design market, Roy Hodgson Design is a leading designer of residential aged care facilities and retirement villages. We encourage you to explore our website and to discuss with us your ideas and aspirations for your future projects.


Roy Hodgson Design provides the full range of building design services including:

  • Feasibility Studies,
  • Master Planning,
  • Schematic Design,
  • Planning Design and Authority Applications,
  • Construction Documentation,
  • Tender and Negotiations,
  • Contract Administration,
  • Builders Advocate,
  • Interior Design,
  • Landscape Design,
  • 3D Imagery and Artists Impressions.

Depending on your needs, we can tailor a design service for your property that incorporates as many or as few services as your require.  To read about our services in detail, please use the links below or call Roy Hodgson on 0417310865 to discuss in person.

Aged Care Design Services
Residential House Design Services


罗伊·霍奇森设计公司是澳大利亚墨尔本著名的本地建筑设计公司。创始人兼设计总监罗伊·霍奇森作为建筑设计和施工方面的专家, 在建筑设计行业享有盛誉。他以发起人的身份获得维多利亚州建筑设计师协会的终身会员资格并一度担任主席。在从业的数十年间,罗伊·霍奇森以卓越的设计赢得了诸多奖项, 并与市政规划部门保持非常良好的合作关系,尤其擅长遗产保护区的规划设计。  罗伊·霍奇森设计公司在墨尔本拥有许多尊贵的中国客户。我们遵循天人合一的东方哲学,向他们展示了令人赞叹和富有创造性的设计!我们的建筑设计充分考虑施工的经济合理性,并在此基础上尽最大可能满足客户的需求。我们的设计团队非常敬业,认真负责,热情诚恳,与客户保持顺畅的沟通,帮助客户实现最优的设计方案。我们有资深设计师毕业于中国著名的清华大学建筑学院,同时在澳洲有丰富的本地项目经验,可以用中文向您提供最准确的政策法规资讯与最适合您的设计服务